Nathan's Stuff

This is a personal cloud. Please keep out of my stuff.


Existing Services

Path Item View
Talk family chat app Private
Files file cloud Private
Photos image gallery Semi-Private
Calendar personal calendar Public

Upcoming Services

In the near-future, I plan to add some more features:

  • A personal finance management app, private view.
  • A risk assessment & testing app, private view.
  • A DVD or Music Collection app, private view.
  • A directory of podcasts or internet radio stations I listen to, public view.
  • A listing of e-books I have written, public view.
  • A single-user project management app, private view.
  • A copy-paste system for myself, semi-private view.
  • Anything else I think of.
Please don't go through my stuff. Thank you!

Have a nice day. Now get lost.